A small but perfectly formed team led by Big Knowser, Simon Calderbank, based in the north west of England.

With over 25 years’ experience of developing growth strategies and building long-lasting relationships, Simon has learnt a thing or two, winning new business for both clients and agencies, leaving a lasting legacy wherever he laid his hat.

During an epiphany moment in 2013, Simon took the leap of faith that led to the launch of Big Knows – a business development consultancy that specialises in sniffing out the right fit for the right opportunity.  It’s all well and good to proclaim to be a business development specialist, but here at Big Knows we will show you a refreshing approach that means we are successful at what we do and how we go about it.

Firstly, you need to hold a mirror to yourself (and your business) and know instinctively who you are, what drives your culture, what you’re like to work with. Come on, how else can you establish fit with others without first understanding yourself?

Secondly, be proud and share your profile with those whom you feel might be like-minded spirits. Ask all the right questions from the word go – find out what makes them tick. And only when you get that gut feeling that this could be a relationship worth nurturing – where there is a mutual and beneficial fit – go for it as if your life depended upon it!

Think of your marriage or the best relationship you ever had. What made it so magical – aside from the obvious attraction of course – was the chemistry, the fit. And in my book, business is no different. If I’m going to work hard to nurture and grow the right fit client opportunities, I want to enjoy the process of working with them.

Therefore, it’s in all our interests to make sure all those relevant fits – cultural, commercial and creativity – have been boxed off.

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