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Big Knows is not your average business development consultancy.  We don’t sell. We don’t throw mud at a wall and see what sticks. We don’t use a blunderbuss.

What we do is work with you, creating a bespoke business development strategy to secure those perfect new clients. We sniff out and selectively pursue clients that are the right fit for you – whether that’s budget, profile or scope of project – it has got to be aligned to your business. That’s why we are trusted to deliver each and every time.

We are people people.  Our connections and ability to forge relationships that create and add value is what makes us tick.  That process begins with you.  We will work as an extension of your team, getting under the skin of your business, understanding where you are and where you want to be, so we can represent your brand confidently and accurately to potential clients.

We follow our nose then teach you how to follow yours.  We will empower you and your team with a proven process and successful sales and marketing strategies so you can enjoy generating and winning new business.

We put our nose on the line so you know you’ll get results: guaranteed. Whether that’s a new client, a new brand positioning or a refreshed business development culture, winning and achieving is part of the Big Knows DNA.

More than gold, Big Knows is not just about prospecting. So here is a snifter of what we offer: sales & marketing strategies (inbound and outbound), brand positioning, client profiling, workshops, training & mentoring, networking, playing Cupid and organising and running events.

Oh and winning you new clients of course!

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